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Paper Scales 1880990 ( Maul )
Oil Glass Cutter TC-30 ( TOYO )

Air Brush 0.3mm SAP-CR ( Star )

Fluid Tip – 0.3mm
Atomising Pressure – 15~50psi
Max Pattern – >1~20mm
Recommended Compressor – 2cfm
Pot Capacity – 8cc
– Star Professional dual action control airbrush
– Stainless steel needle, and nozzle (screw in)
– Centre mount gravity-fed pot.
– Adjustable fluid needle, PTFE needle packer.
– Suitable for all types of airbrush paints & inks.
– Recommended for nail art
Part Number : 04SAP-3

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  • Product Description

    Free braided wind, length 3 meters (included in the set)

    Suitable for general ink, watercolour, oil, poster paint, Gouache, 3-meter braided hose, enamel, acrylic paint, lacquer and more.

    1. How to use
      • required wind pressure
        Wrap the air duct with a cloth. Which should be the air hose used with the AIRBRUSH, especially the air pressure in the range of 1 to 4 kg/cm2. It is recommended to adjust the air valve to get the proper air pressure. And use an air filter to filter water, oil, dust that may come in the wind.
      • the type of paint used
        Can use watercolour ink without the need to mix any ingredients but poster paint. And the water-based paint must be of high quality, it is necessary to add an anti-clogging agent to the Ladgehr or Challan. because there will be a fog on the paint layer if the substance is not added
      • Spray method
        Connect the wind to the spray gun, first press the Push Button to complete. Then let go to let the four colours pass. And when you’re done, make sure your fingers are not pressed against the button under any circumstances. It should be sprayed before the actual spraying when the needle, nozzle and cap are clogged so it must be cleaned immediately after use.
    2. Rules after use
      • After use, be sure to spray water. Or solvent (Solvent) through the spin to clean the device in several cycles.
      • After the needle thread has been removed, pull the needle back about 10 mm and when the air cap is removed, clean any dirt that has accumulated inside the spinner. by blowing air through the gun several rounds
      • Clean the gun that has accumulated in it by pulling out the needle.
      • Care should be taken when cleaning or removing layers, especially the needle, nozzle and cap, which are small, expensive, and prone to damage.
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